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1993 - 2023

W&M World & Management, spol.s r.o. was founded in January 1993 as a German - Slovak private institute for the development of personnel and business. The foundation was supported by a program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany to support the transformation of the economy after 1989 in Slovakia Since 1995 the company has been completely Slovak. In 2009, W & M World & Management was transformed by decision of the General Meeting to W&M MANAGEMENT, s.r.o. and there are currently defined service delivery areas.

The Scope of Services:

All activities after 2009 belong to the field of:

The product development and product innovation:

The products developed are also produced in the own manufactory. Here by the CAD, CAM and CNC technology is used. The latest product ist a portable digital telephone training tool. The customers for this product we have in 5 countries - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech and Slovak Republic.For more details about this product consult our international site www.telefonkoffer.com

The research offer is focused on several areas:

Important area of ​​the offer is the education segment. There are three main points to be highlighted:

The W&M MANAGEMENT manages the corresponding departmens on the principle of project management.


Man has always expanded his horizon, explored, sought. Nowadays, in the global world it is as necessary as ever.

Main Focuses

Complex projects with inhouse or OpenFoam Computational Fluid Dynamics software by CFD Department
Kawasaki CFD
Portable Telephone Coaching Equipment for telephone communication skills produced by our iTK Manufaktura@W&M Management
telefónna ústredňa XL
telefónna ústredňa M
telefónna ústredňa S
telefónna ústredňa Si
Design, calculations and measurements in the field of thermomechanics, aerodynamics and turbomaschinery by Research Department.
LM2500 gas turbine
Latex word processing, editing, equation image processing, envelope design, index creation, ISBN allocation, color printing, distribution, sale by our Technikum Publishing. The system can automatically handle large-scale technical publications (1000 pages or more) that other systems cannot so easy handle.
Training to develop hard skills and soft skills by Education Department. Hard skills are acquired through formal education and training programs. Soft skills can’t be learned by the use of memory, and involve emotional intelligence and empathy, which often makes them more complicated to impart to a student.